Hello! And welcome to my little corner of the internet.

A little back history of the blog itself: To put it simply it has been up and running for quite some time now. I believe I first started this way back when I was at university and I had quite a lot of spare time on my hands... (because I was not going to lectures!) It has been an on and off love affair since then with multiple refreshes, complete overhauls and just down right shutting it down as I thought the content was a complete embarrassment.

But i'm back! and i'm here to stay. In 2018 I set the goal to "Do more of what makes me happy" so here I am, being all creative and stuff!

So a bit about me might be helpful and somewhat interesting? I am a full-time Executive Assistant in London. I work for wonderful people at a wonderful company and I absolutely adore my job! In my free time I like to write and currently this is being fully channeled into this blog, but in future, who knows where it might take me. The ultimate dream would be to have a TV Drama I wrote win a National Television Award. *goals*. But i'm a long way from that point presently so you'll have to put up with my scribblings of what i've been up to and other such nonsensical posts for the time being.

I write purely in the evenings and the occasional Sunday so apologies in advance if posts aren't getting out as quickly as you (or I for that matter) would like! But please bear with me and once everything is fully back up and running properly I will create a schedule so you know exactly when new posts are due. 

Anything at all you would like to discuss, please of course do get in touch, I would absolutely love to hear from you! And finally I just want to say thank you for sticking around and thank you for reading! It means the world. 

Lot's of love,


In the interests of transparency, please fully read the disclaimer below:

1. Terms of use; This blog is wholeheartedly my own words. I am in no way shape or form a professional under any terms of the word and therefore anything contained in this blog is purely for information or entertainment purposes only.

2. Copy write; As mentioned above, all content of this blog is created by myself. All words and opinions are of my own and are not affiliated with any other brand or company. I write this blog in my spare time around a 35 hour a week full time job. Please respect this. Unless otherwise stated, I am the legal copy write holder of all content in this blog, and formal action will be taken if any of it's words or pictures are found to be used elsewhere without prior written consent.

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If you have any concerns, questions or queries regarding the above, please do not hesitate to get in contact with me.