Monday, 5 March 2018

London Date Night

If I hadn't already told you (I don't actually think I have, sorry!) I GOT ENGAGED! It was back at the beginning of January but with the rush of the New Year and various other life commitments it meant we had never actually got round to celebrating the occasion!

I therefore took it upon myself to plan a surprise London date night for us both and I thought I would share the wonderful places we discovered with you! (Because they are serious gems!)

The first stop for operation surprise date night was a trip to the Theatre! We love the theatre and have been to see quite a few shows in the last year, so when I had the opportunity to get tickets to the matinee showing of School of Rock and of course being such a huge fan of the Jack Black classic movie, how could I possibly day no? So off we went!

The lights came up, the music started and little did we know, some of the must incredibly talented young people we have ever seen were about to take the stage. All of the instruments used during the musical numbers are genuinely played live by the performers, so not only are these children already achieving greatness with their acting, dancing and singing abilities, they go and push their skills over the edge by adding "seriously kicking ass at the piano/guitar/bass/drums" to their resume.

It is almost slightly unfair to have so much talent in such a small human being! - When I was their age, I could just about play the recorder at school and would cry if any of my teachers even asked me a question in class let alone If I had to get up on stage in front of hundreds of people!

Every single child actor/actress on that stage oozed confidence and ability. Their age or potential inexperience was completely out shadowed by their raw passion for the arts. You could see how much they truly loved what they were doing and how genuinely happy they were to be doing it.

We had the privilege of seeing David Fynn play Dewey Finn, the lead "Jack Black" character, and he was true outstanding. He lead the stage in a way that never outshone the children but provided them a strong platform to perform whilst holding all of the components together and in place. He too was incredibly talented and his singing ability and stage presence was outstanding.

We had a wonderful time and I would highly recommend you go and see the show for yourself!

The second stop of our surprise date night took us to Vertigo 42, London's highest Champagne Bar! I'm not actually sure how I first discovered this place but I'm so glad I did as it truly is a little hidden gem! First of all, be sure to make a reservation! (and well in advance!) This is a reservation only bar so do not be disappointed by just showing up, get your seat!

The following pictures were taken from the Vertigo 42 website.


Situated in Tower 42 in the City of London, Vertigo 42 boasts at being the highest Champagne (it serves loads of other drinks, don't worry!) Bar in London and I tell you the views are absolutely spectacular. We arrived just before 6pm so were truly lucky as we got to watch the sun setting over the London Skyline. (Picture below)

We enjoyed some wonderful cocktails whilst admiring the view (i'd highly recommend the Elderbubble - It was certainly my favourite) and was woefully reminded of how truly beautiful London is.

Highly recommend and we will certainly be returning soon!

Our third and final stop for date night was of course going to be somewhere for dinner and boy did I book a corker! So we jumped on the Central Line to Tottenham Court Road and walked down to the Crazy Bear Restaurant in Fitzrovia... and all I can say is WOW.

What an incredible place! The decor was beautiful, the service was spectacular and the food, oh the food, was completely and utterly out of this world. I'm drooling just looking back at the pictures.

It was voted as "The Best Thai Restaurant in London" by Bookatable and I can totally vouch that this was the right decision. I have been to a couple of other Thai places in the area and absolutely none of them compare. I am still dreaming of the sushi - without a doubt the freshest and tastiest I have even had the privilege of tasting.

It is also worth noting that the cocktails were equally as delicious and generously punchy! They have a separate cocktail bar if you simply wanted to pop in for a drink and soak up the Crazy Bear experience without sitting down for a full meal!

I could not recommend this place enough! We are just trying to decide when we can make another visit back and treat ourselves to another spectacular date night in London!

I have taken up the March Blog-a-thon challenge and will be posting everyday in March (31 posts in total!) - Not sure if i'm a little bit mad or just awfully committed but i'm looking forward to the challenge! Please show your support by following my journey and receive all updates by following me on twitter @lillioflondon 



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