Tuesday, 6 March 2018

Get to know me better

Hi Everyone and happy March! Continuing on with my March blog-a-thon of posts, today I have a bit of a different one for you - one that is actually about myself. I know I tend to keep my personal and private life just that, personal and private...but I thought it was about time we delved a little deeper for anyone who may be interested in knowing a little more about me. I found a list of silly random questions on Pinterest (of course, where else would I be!) and thought I would give it a go.

1. Share 5 interesting facts about yourself: 
- I worked as an 'Elf' at the Harrods Christmas Grotto when I was on my gap year. It was exhausting.
- I studied Criminology at the University of Northampton.
- I have 4 tattoos, but would love to get more!
- I still do not know how to drive! I have recently taken up driving lessons again and fingers cross 2018 is my year!
- My ultimate dream is to write a TV drama series which is nominated for a National Television Award.

2. What is your current relationship status?
I am newly Engaged! *squeals*

3. Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
In 10 years time I would like to be Married, have a couple of little ones running around and be completely settled in a career which satisfied both my ambition and creativity sides.

4. What is your zodiac sign and do you feel it suits your personality?
I am actually a Scorpio, and it think it suits me perfectly! Focused, Brave and Ambitious but Stubborn, jealous and I can definitely have a sting in my tail if I need to!

5. Where is next on your wish to travel to list?
I absolutely love to travel, it is something me and my partner Paul try to do as often as we can. We have a few trips already planned for 2018 but on my list of places still to visit are Canada, New Zealand and Fiji. I am also aching to return to New York soon, I definitely left a piece of my heart there on my last visit.


Monday, 5 March 2018

London Date Night

If I hadn't already told you (I don't actually think I have, sorry!) I GOT ENGAGED! It was back at the beginning of January but with the rush of the New Year and various other life commitments it meant we had never actually got round to celebrating the occasion!

I therefore took it upon myself to plan a surprise London date night for us both and I thought I would share the wonderful places we discovered with you! (Because they are serious gems!)

The first stop for operation surprise date night was a trip to the Theatre! We love the theatre and have been to see quite a few shows in the last year, so when I had the opportunity to get tickets to the matinee showing of School of Rock and of course being such a huge fan of the Jack Black classic movie, how could I possibly day no? So off we went!


Sunday, 4 March 2018

Bondi Sands 1 Hour Express Tan Review and Demo

Game Changer. Life Saver.

That's it, that's all the review you need of this product.

Go and buy it now.

Thank you for reading, the end.

Okay seriously. When I first caught sight of this product after the official Instagram Live launch, quite literally the first thing I did was send a picture across to a friend of mine exclaiming "WHERE THE HECK WAS THIS WHEN WE WERE AT UNI."

My relationship with self tanner, no matter the brand is a love hate complicated mess. There is nothing I love more than stepping out of the shower after washing off the guide coat and looking like i've just got back from 2 weeks somewhere tropical. But on the flip side there is nothing I absolutely detest more than having to stand around for ages waiting for your tan to dry, double coating and orange bedsheets! Why has it taken so long for a company to invent such a product!

I love Bondi Sands as a brand anyway and I'm a regular Ultra Dark Tanning Foam user, so I knew the formulation, the smell and pretty much everything about this new product would be A class standard and totally worth the higher end price tag. I was hands down very open to test running this.

Saturday, 3 March 2018

52 Books in 52 Weeks Reading Challenge

For years now I have wanted to do a reading challenge of some sort. I adore reading, but as i've gotten older anything and everything seems to take priority and it is something which I just don't seem to make time for anymore.

In honour of World Book Day this week and the start of my March Blog-a-thon of writing a new post every day for 31 days, I thought it was about time I threw myself into the deep end and finally took up the 52 books in 52 weeks challenge (1 book a week for a year). Now, you might be thinking, hold up, it is the 1st of March which mean's you are already 8 weeks behind on your challenge, and yes, you would be completely correct but that does not scare me. I plan to make those 8 weeks up by reading an additional 8 books spread out over the remainder of the year! - Simple, right? *makes unsure face*.

In order to make this reading challenge a little more fun and to get you guys involved along the way, here are some commitments I will be making:

1. A review round up of the books I have read at the end of each Month.
2. Weekly updates via Twitter on the books in which I am reading.
3. When I have finished each book I will be either giving it away or engaging in a 'Book Swap' over on my twitter page (@lillioflondon) so make sure you are following!
4. You can also watch the challenge unfold in the "52 Books in 52 Weeks" tab on the right hand side of this blog.

And here is where I need your help! Please recommend some books! I'd like to read a bit of anything and everything this year so do let me know a recent read you have loved and I will be sure to include it on my reading list!

Wish me luck!

I have taken up the March Blog-a-thon challenge and will be posting everyday in March (31 posts in total!) - Not sure if i'm a little bit mad or just awfully committed but i'm looking forward to the challenge! Please show your support by following my journey and receive all updates by following me on twitter @lillioflondon 


Friday, 2 March 2018

March Blog-A-Thon LUSH cosmetics Giveaway!

Hi again my lovely readers. If you hadn't already noticed I have just recently started the March Blog-A-Thon in which I write a new post every single day in March... (31 posts in total!) Apart from beginning to think I am a little bit loopy for embarking on such a challenge, I am genuinely rather enjoying it so far! 

As a combination of celebrating my recent re-launch and this immence Blog-A-Thon, I naturally thought what a perfect time to have a giveaway! So here it is! If you would like the chance to win some LUSH Cosmetics goodies, please continue to read below! 


Thursday, 1 March 2018

February Favourites

Where on earth did February go? - To be honest with you, I'm not particularly sure where the start of 2018 has gone. It's certainly going to be one of those years that just fly past.

Regardless, it is that time again where I share with you what I have been loving this past month.

Cosmetics/Make Up

Thursday, 22 February 2018

Bargain Haircare Finds - Poundshop

Who doesn't like finding a new, amazing quality product... better yet, when it only cost's you £1!

I recently went on a little Poundshop spree and found myself being drawn to the beauty and cosmetics section. I always find it to be a little treasure trove of trial products, last season sells and high end "dupes", with new products constantly arriving! This trip, like most of my Poundshop sprees did not disappoint, and i'm sharing with you today 5 products I have picked up and tested in the last couple of weeks! (So you should still be able to grab yourself a bargain in store!)
Up first we have the Schwarzkopf Pro Style Heat Defence Spray. I made a devoted vow to myself this year to take good care of my hair, as in previous it has been neglected with serious heat damage. So when I saw this heat defence spray I had to pick it up and give it a try. My trusty L'Oreal Elnett (circa £6) was running low anyway and I thought for the sake of £1 let's give it a try. I loved the fact it protected against heat up to 220c (I know my hair straighteners are 200c) and the pump design of the bottle was again very similar to my expensive go to!


Friday, 16 February 2018

10 Instagram Ready Inspirational Quotes

Just a quick post today to share with you some "Instagram Ready" Inspirational Quotes. I got a little design happy on Canva last night so thought what better use is there than to share them with you all. They are all free of 'credit marks' (they don't have "Lilli of London" sprawled across them) so will look great on your Instagram without getting in the way of your theme. I love doing these, so if you have anything specific you are looking for, or if there is one below you like but you would prefer it in a different colour, please do get in touch (lillioflondon@hotmail.com or @lillioflondon on Twitter) and I'd be happy to help!


Friday, 9 February 2018

Fresh Starts - Hello 2018

I feel a little too late out of the blocks with this one, i'm not sure where January (or February for that matter!) has gone but let's roll with it and accept that it is still early enough in 2018 to be writing such a post.

Hello! You have no idea how good it feels to be back writing again. It has certainly been a while, so massive thank you's to all who have stuck around and stayed loyal despite the lack of productivity or any form of content and interaction what so ever for the past year! You are true stars! I have genuinely been meaning to write this post for some time now, I completely revamped the old blog design (thank you pipdig), overhauled the social media templates and culled all the old embarrassing posts from years ago which I felt needed to be disposed of... then never actually got around to writing anything!

I suppose we should start off with a very brief but positive reflection on 2017? Let's see... I'd say the main highlights were that I moved house twice, got a promotion at work and travelled to 6 different countries. But despite there of course being negatives and hardships of 2017 (like losing my Granddad suddenly) I'd say all round it was a wonderful year, and contrary to what seems to be the popular consensus that 2017 was awfully tragic... it really wasn't that bad! In actual fact i'd say it was one of the greatest for me in a very long time.